Alone In Africa

Well as I write it is 3:50 am.  Woke up praying asking God for more laborers and more wisdom.  One of the good developments here is that the Lord has answered my prayer to be able help our team become more self sufficient by sending me an agriculturist named of Diana.

Diana teaching the team effective farming methods

She is an agricultural scientist and now works with Foundations for Farming out of Zimbabwe. Diana is teaching all here how to farm “God’s way” and we are all very encouraged as we believe we will see a significant increase in our farming efforts.  This will provide more support for the families of the guys who work with me and additional monies for the ministry needs.  She is a real answer to prayer.

My time here without Katherine has been very busy.  The only time I get lonely is at night but we call each other twice a day and the Lord grace is upon me. Our plan is for Kath to come out in November, spend 3 months here, and then we’ll return to the States together after we attend the MVI conference in SA.  In the mean time I have a week long bush trip planned for August 23rd.  A couple of the guys and I will go to two distant places where our ministry has grown.  I am working on developing a mini seminar on scriptural principles based upon Anton Bosch’s book (Building Blocks for Solid Foundations) and will share that with many as I go.  In addition, my good friend Mbirima in Congo is working on providing me information on how to visit there.  Mbirima is also part of our team and is doing an incredible job there in Uvira, Congo.  The plan is to go, Lord willing, sometime in September before the rains come.

While Kath and I were gone the team harvested the maize and rice.  We didn’t do as well as we hoped but it is encouraging to see at least some profit from our efforts.   I’ve learned much about what to do and what not to do and with Diana’s help this year I’m confident we’ll see much better results.  In the photo here the guys are carrying large bags of potatoes grown in our garden which went immediately to market.  We still have much more to harvest but we’re going to allow the spuds to grow bigger this time.

Last Monday the team and I had a wonderful, sweet time of worship with some simple songs which I led with guitar.  The Lord’s presence was strong among us and each one prayed beautiful prayers.  I could not understand the languages of Makua, Yao, Chichewa, and Portuguese, but I know they were praying with all their hearts as many shed tears and cried out to the Lord with such passion.  We put a list of the villages on the white board had to strategize how we would cover the villages where Tony (who is no longer with us) was going .  So far the Gospel is going out into more than 18 villages.  Seems so insignificant with so many unreached, but I have hope that the Lord will help us multiply ourselves by making many more disciples in the years to come.  Please pray for this and for me to be a wise leader.

Though we have had some setbacks, I am more encouraged than ever.  I think of that verse “the kingdom of God suffers violence, but the violent take it by force”.  We will not relent.  We will not retreat in fear, but continue to run with the Gospel wherever there are thirsty souls and open doors.  “If God be with us, who can be against us?”