Project Green thumb is beginning to pay off. Tony and I went to Assumani to pick up a huge bag of freshly picked maize to bring to market. Actually, it wasn’t Tony and I who lifted it into the truck but Tony and Saide. At 59 years I reserve the right to not have to lift anything heavy due to possible complications.

God is working in Saide’s life. He is a single Muslim man, estranged from his wife and works next door to our garden. I first met him when picking up some sand as he had a pile to sell. It was then that Tony, Nelson and I began to speak to him about God. Because he showed real interest in knowing more, I encouraged Nelson to begin a DBS (Discovery Bible Study) with him. And so it began soon thereafter.

That day we went to pick up the maize held by Saide, he was very excited to see me again and was all smiles, especially when I spoke a few little things in his native tongue – Yao (I know very little). As Tony continued to speak to him all the sudden Saide runs to the house. I asked Tony what is going on, “Oh, he is going to get the bible Nelson gave him to show you”.

Running there and all the way back Saide had a great big smile. He was so excited to have received this Yao New Testament and to learn more about Jesus. I asked him if I could read him a couple of verses and so we first turned to Yohane 3:16 (can you guess?) “Pakuwa Mlungu (God) wacinonyele (loved) cilambo capasi mnope mwakuti jwalakwe wampelece Mwancace (son) jwakwe jumopejo, ni kuti jwalijose jwakukulupilila mwa jwalakwe akawa nambo akole umi wangamala.”

Saide’s life is changing. He is only beginning to understand who God is and how much he is loved by Him. His smiles tell of his hunger. Pray that he will be able to renounce Islam and fully follow Christ.

P.s.  Just before posting this article I was told by Nelson that Saide’s  estranged wife is considering returning to him as she is seeing a change in her husband.  Pray also for God’s redemption in this marriage.

7 thoughts on “Smiles”

  1. Another soul saved for eternity…and such Holy Spirit fire alive in him will soon spread to a hundred, and through those 100, 1,000 more will be drawn and from those 1,000, 100,000 more, and through those 100,000, there will be a million….
    Should I go on? What a lighthouse you are, Kevin, beaming light into a dark, dark world. Press on, dear brother in Christ, dear fellow pilgrim, dear Shepherd, dear Ambassador of Christ !

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