God Stories

Things go better with prayer.  This is why we come together on Mondays as a team – knowing that Satan will not just lie down and surrender his hold on the Yao.  The spiritual battle is intense and manifests itself in various ways, but we know Who has already won the war.  We also swap God stories as   we see how the Lord is moving in our different areas of ministry.

A couple of years ago I met a man deep in the bush while cutting down some trees for my fence.  His name was Musa (Moses).  I was amazed because he was wearing a shirt which said in English “I love Jesus”.  He was a Muslim man, but I knew I needed to speak with him about Jesus, after all, he was the one with the shirt.

At the first opportunity I went to his grass house in Kawagu and was warmly received by his wife.  We had some beautiful times of sharing and even prayed together.  They were both so open to the Gospel it was amazing.  At one point we even met the chief of his village hoping to establish an outreach there.  That was during a difficult time of transition in our ministry and somehow we lost touch with Musa.

A year of so later, however, I had the chance to meet Musa in the city to pray over him as he was sick.  His other wife greeted us warmly as well.  Note:  Musa has been married to two wives for 45 years!  He has one in a distant village and one in the city of Lichinga.  God healed Musa that day but it was the last time I saw him.

Now at our Monday morning sharing time Tony tells me that Musa sent his wife to David’s home in Chuwia to invite us to come to his house to teach them about God.  I was blown away!  Guess where I’m going as soon as possible?