Hittin’ the Road Again

Leaving at daybreak for a two day drive to Monapo. Doing a bush conference there for our pastors/leaders for three days (Mon, Tue, Wed). I’ll be staying at the Hilton Tent Inn. The room is 10 x 10 with an air mattress and even a little fan for those hot nights. Food is provided by the locals. Most likely shema (corn mash), veggies and/or bits of chicken. I will be taking my own coffee and water, however. For those who like to pray – remember my dear wife at home alone, and of course our travels and conference (going with 3 guys from our team). The car is loaded, clean, and ready for the bush.  I’m ready as I’m gonna be.  Just trusting Jesus to get us there, be a blessing to these lovely people, and get us back.  (photos to come, maybe even a video!)


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