Furlough: fur·lough ˈfərlō/

As you all know Katherine and I recently returned from furlough to Moz.  Now for those who don’t understand what “furlough” means…

“a period of time when a soldier is allowed to leave the place where he or she is stationed”

It’s not a vacation but could include one.  Mostly for missionaries (soldiers of the cross) it is a very busy time catching up with family and friends.

Our ‘furlough’ began in Southern California.  Our daughter Aimee and her husband Chris hosted us for the first 6 weeks.  It turned out to be a great opportunity for me to get much writing done working on a leadership devotional and material for our disciples in Mozambique.  After three years away on the mission field, it also was a much needed time of rest.

Thank you to all who met with us, put us up in their homes, spent time with us and fed us!  Thank you Chris & Aimee along with our grand dog Halston; PJ & Robert; Anton & Ina; Jim & Linda; Sharon & Doug;  Jeff & Sheryl; Gil & Lisa; Elise & James along with Timber, our second grand dog; Joe & MaryAnn who provided the greatest gift – our first grand daughter Cora Rae who now supersedes our other grand dog Zelda; Kraig & Leila and fam; Kurt & Laura and fam; Mom and the daily morning coffee time, Kim;  Jenine & Kirk, Andy, Mike and Phil; Dr. Shawn Kazemzadeh of Comfort Dentistry; Connie & Mike and homegroup; Rod & Diana of Lewiston, CA; Jerry & Amy, Jesse and Pastor Abner & Mo of Haden Island Community Church; Pastor Jeremiah & Kim along with Mission Commission and the church leadership team at Calvary Baptist Church, The Dalles, Oregon; Don & Carolyn; Karen & Dave; Aunt Dee and Bubna family, Lisa, Cindy, Peter and Brian – great to be together again!

The balance of our time was spent in Portland, Oregon with our kids and family.  What joy to spend time with each – talking, praying, eating, having fun together. We got to be at the hospital when Cora Rae was born.  I had opportunity to speak in one conference, on a KPDQ radio broadcast with Leslie Nelson, and in four churches (1 in CA and 3 in OR), each one special in our hearts.

Grandma Katherine got to decorate Cora’s room and we both had the privilege of helping James and Elise with their business as it had a great growth spurt while we were there.  Nineteen27 gourmet smores are incredible and becoming renown in Portland and beyond.

Those are just the brief highlights.  There was much more God did in and through our lives.  We were so very blessed in so many ways.  Thank you each one who made our furlough a memorable one!


3 thoughts on “Furlough: fur·lough ˈfərlō/”

  1. Love your web site! More pics would be nice!!
    Sitting here in “my sp0t” there is such a gentle rain this morning you can even see it but walking out on the deck you feel the refreshing must. Missing you but my heart is warmed when I think about who you are and how blessed I am. Love & miss you.

    1. Thanks Momma. Surprised there is rain in August. Sometimes I look at the clock and try to figure out if it’s coffee time there. I’m with you in my heart and always will be. Things progressing rapidly here. God is on the move. Got to catch up to Him.

  2. So thankful for the mix of family fun..
    Some writing accomplished…fellowship and all the bases you covered!!! We pray fresh strength for days ahead. We are blessed to hear from you. God does speak through your sharing. The message I thought was underlined was no matter who we are or where we are planted in God’s kingdom…knowing him well enough to hear from him is amazingly important! Connie D.

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